(for Version 1.5 [offline version])

What is Novestic?
Novestic is a visual storybook of your life.

Do you keep MY LIFE STORY online?
No. Since Novestic is your personal storybook, your life story is kept private. Your life story is kept offline and stored physically on your phone. Only you have the ability to see, alter and/or change it as you please (unless you share it).

How do I share MY LIFE STORY?
You can share your life story by physically showing and/or screen grabbing your captured moments to share with family and friends anywhere they are (Text Message, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc).
In the near future, we will offer the ability to create a public version of your life story and connect it to your family and friends’ life stories.

What happens if I delete Novestic?
Then your life story is deleted. If you do not want your life story deleted, then we highly recommend you do not delete Novestic. We will include the option of backing-up your private life story through the cloud (online storage) soon.

How do I rotate my camera when adding a page?
DOUBLE TAP the screen to rotate the camera, DOUBLE TAP the screen again to revert the camera.

How do I zoom in and out of the camera?
PINCH your fingers on the screen to zoom in, SPREAD your fingers on the screen to zoom out.

How do I delete a photo page?
On your “MY LIFE STORY” page, PRESS and HOLD the photo page you want to delete.
2. TAP OK or CANCEL to prompt or deny the deletion.

For further questions, e-mail us at and we’ll respond as soon as humanly possible.

To your life story!

Sincerely, The Novestic Team